Trip planners need to be thorough when booking vacations with children

When families travel together, there are a lot of obvious complications that can arise. One of the primary problems, of course, is that there are more bodies on a trip that need to be cared for and watched over. This can cause difficulties in everything from general group transportation to going out to eat.

It's important that trip planners are thorough when booking vacations and make sure that they have all the necessary documentation needed for children. This can be particularly problematic during worldwide travel, as vacationers must go through such a large number of clearances and approvals. In particular, one problem that travel experts often see is a lack of proper identification for young international vacationers.

"Family travel plans could be interrupted or even ruined if necessary documentation requirements for children catch adults by surprise," Bill Sutherland, vice president of AAA Travel Services, said in a statement. "It is critical that parents identify and obtain the required documents for their specific family or child's travel."   

According to a press release from AAA Travel, all U.S. citizens – whether they are newborns or elderly – require a valid passport to travel into foreign countries. For travel to Canada and Mexico from the United States, a passport card is considered adequate.

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Trip planners need to be thorough when booking vacations with children