Traveling to Johannesburg, South Africa, will create memories that will last a lifetime

When adventure-seeking travelers think of South Africa, the first things that come to mind are probably safaris and Cape Town, one of the nation's three capital cities. When planning a trip here, the city of Johannesburg is often overlooked, but experienced travel experts say that skipping out on visiting this gem is a big mistake.

If you're planning a vacation here with your family, don't leave until you've checked out these fine attractions:

     ♦ Wits Art Museum – This museum was once a gas station, car dealership and dental school. However, innovation and determination these buildings into one of the country's most unique museums. Just three months ago, the doors opened to the public and visitors came pouring in to browse the massive collection of contemporary and historical art from the country, as well as pieces from central and west Africa.

     ♦ Cube Tasting Kitchen – After a day at the Wits Art Museum, hungry visitors should treat themselves to a one of-a-kind dining experience. This restaurant serves multi-course tasting menus in a simply decorated room with views of the kitchen. Dishes served range from South African beef fillet with truffles to porridge of snails and scallops.

     ♦ Apartheid Museum – This museum is perhaps one of the most intriguing in the entire country. Upon entering, visitors are randomly divided into two racial groups: whites and non-whites. Once the tour begins, multimedia demonstrations delve into the social and political factors that led to the apartheid.

It's no secret that getting to Johannesburg can be exhausting. Once you and your family are there, don't stress yourselves out by trying to hail a cab or navigate the complicated public transportation system. Arrive in style using a luxury car service. Hermes Worldwide will transport you from the airport, to your hotel and sites around the city in a luxury sedan or limousine.

Traveling to Johannesburg, South Africa, will create memories that will last a lifetime