Travel issues shouldn’t keep families from theme parks

Finding something to do on vacation that appeals to everyone in a group can be very difficult. While some may want to shop, others may want to work on their tan, but almost irrefutably, most travelers would leap at an opportunity to visit a major theme park.

With stimulating attractions at nearly every vantage point, parks such as Six Flags, Universal Studios and, of course, Disneyland have something for everyone. However, they can be difficult to navigate through, especially with youngsters. While these venues offer a mostly positive experience for their guests, the shear volume of the crowds can be a deterrent for some trip planners.

Disney offers a Fast Pass for rides with lines that have 45 minute waits or longer. The catch is that visitors can only use one of these every two hours. A recent press release from Cosmos Holidays suggested that visitors only take advantage of these perks for the most popular rides like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Additionally, it would be wise to get to the park early in the day. The source stated that after noon, roughly half of the park's visitors for the day will arrive, which means that there should be significantly shorter lines in the morning.

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Travel issues shouldn’t keep families from theme parks