Toronto thrill-seekers can take a walk on the wild side

Some people like to get around in style. Whether that means paragliding or riding in a luxury SUV, there are certainly some interesting ways to go from here to there. For tourists in Toronto, one attraction talks walking to a whole new height.

First opened to the public on August 1, 2011, the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower gives tourists an opportunity to walk along the edge of one of the world's most amazing man-made structures. The walk closed during the winter months after a very successful first season, and reopened for 2012 on May 1.
"We are inspired by the continued enthusiasm for EdgeWalk throughout our first season and leading up to our second," Jack Robinson, chief operating officer of the CN Tower, said in a statement. "Often referred to as the 'thrill of a lifetime' and a 'bucket list' item, many embraced this unique experience for marriage proposals, milestone celebrations and more. We look forward to more great stories and unique feats during Season 2."

According to a press release, the EdgeWalk is the world's tallest external walk on a building at 1,168 feet or 16 storeys high. The platform is a full circle hands-free walk that is five feet wide and surrounds the top of the CN Tower's main pod, the release states. It's very safe, however, as walkers are attached to an overhead rail supported by a harness system.

Because it was so popular in it's pilot season, patrons can now make a quick reservation to experience the Edgewalk online in 2012.

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Toronto thrill-seekers can take a walk on the wild side