To get into Miami’s hottest clubs, you need to look like a VIP

With its iconic Art Deco District, beautiful white sand beaches and countless high-end nightclubs, Miami is by far one of the greatest destinations to visit in America, whether it be for business, pleasure or otherwise.

Travelers who are fortunate enough to stay in one of the famed boutique hotels such as The Colony, Hotel Victor and The Hotel Chelsea are treated to contemporary, yet timeless accommodations in close proximity to South Beach.

But, when a lot of people think of Miami, one of the first images that is likely to come to mind is those Art Deco neon lights illuminated up and down the streets at night. Of course, that means it's time to party.

The nightlife scene in Miami can be tough to navigate. There's everything from exclusive VIP clubs to small dive bars, though those are few and far between. Travel website Lonely Planet offered some advice for those looking to be a part of the action, but it all falls under the adage, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

It's important that club-goers look the part. For ladies, many venues won't permit any female guests who aren't wearing high heels, so be sure to bring a pair of flats. For gentlemen, don't think for a second that bouncers are letting guys in who are wearing shorts and/or a baseball cap. It's naturally much easier for women to get into the nightclubs, so men have to put in a little bit extra effort to look like they belong there.

Rolling up to a packed South Beach nightclub in a luxury limousine certainly won't hurt, either. Anyone who is visiting Miami and is looking for a stretch limousine can contact Hermes Worldwide for reliable, lavish transportation and concierge services.

To get into Miami’s hottest clubs, you need to look like a VIP