Study shows Texans love to travel within their home state

Texas is known for being big. As the second largest state in the country, it's no question that there are plenty of great places to visit and a lifetime's worth of things to do. The Lone Star State draws in tons of tourists every year, but when Texans want to travel, where do they go?

It shouldn't come as a surprise that, in fact, most Texas residents prefer not to stray too far from home when they go on vacation.

Hotwire recently surveyed hotel bookings of residents from the four major cities in Texas – Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio – to see where they traveled most frequently. While Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and New York City were included in the top 10 visited destinations from each city, the lists had another similarity that was particularly interesting.

The top three locations visited by residents of the four major Texas cities were all other major cities in the state.

In an article about the report, USA Today pointed out that some might settle on the conclusion that this trend makes sense considering the size of Texas, but the reality is that each of these destinations is no more than a four-hour drive from one another. As Hotwire spokesman Clem Bason told the source, "Clearly, Texans love Texas."

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Study shows Texans love to travel within their home state