Smart packing tips for your next trip

Most globetrotters have been there: You take too many clothes with you on that European vacation and then you're left trying to cart multiple suitcases with you through the cobblestone streets of Rome. Not only is overpacking inconvenient, but it's also impractical. Luckily, you can learn from your past mistakes.

By following the tips below on packing light, you can enjoy the sites, culture and scenery of your destination instead of worrying about how to get that luggage from point A to point B:

1) Bring one suitcase – Everyone understands that you want to look your best while traveling, but there's no reason to pack more than one suitcase, especially if your trip is less than two weeks long. Most luxury hotels have laundry services so you can always get that shirt washed and pressed should you spill pasta sauce while dining at your favorite Italian bistro.

2) Pack smart – Bringing clothes that are made of light materials, such as cotton can be packed the easiest. The shoes you recently bought may look great, but do you need to bring all three pairs? Remember to keep bulky items, like boots and coats to a minimum.

3) Avoid taking all your electronics – It's important that all your gadgets don't come with you on your trip. Not only do you risk having them stolen, but the voltages of outlets in countries across the world are different, which means that unless you bring several power converters for all those chargers you have, you're going to be out of luck when you go to plug them in.

Packing and trying to remember everything you need to do before going away can be stressful enough, so when it comes getting from the airport to your hotel or anywhere else in the city you are visiting, consider hiring an executive transportation company to take you wherever you need to go. Hermes Worldwide provides luxury car service in major cities all over the globe that will get you to your destination comfortably and in style.

Smart packing tips for your next trip