Rethinking what to bring along when flying, staying at resorts

Depending on the nature of the trip, there are a few items that travelers absolutely cannot forget, as well as some that are often brought along unnecessarily.

For example, travelers who have a long flight ahead of them may purchase gel inserts for their shoes so their feet will be comfortable during the trip. However, if the inserts weigh more than 3.4 ounces, the TSA is going to confiscate them. Budget Travel going with plastic or memory-foam ones instead, or simply buying shoes that are designed for traveling.

With the TSA's policies in mind, the media outlet says that if you are only bringing a carry-on bag, buy some tablet toothpaste, a bar of shampoo and stick deodorant. The traditional alternatives to these toiletries will be thrown into an airport trash can before you can blink.

The source says that if you're headed to an all-inclusive resort, you may be surprised to find that the endless supply of alcohol available isn't the quality vintages you would choose back at home. They said if you're expecting top-shelf liquor, you should bring your own.

One thing you won't need to take with you is tip money. Many all-inclusive resorts include gratuity in the price of the package, so look into it beforehand, but chances are that tipping isn't necessary.

And, of course, travelers can't bring their own vehicles. Taxis and public transportation can be unreliable and hectic, so the best way to get around your destination is by arranging luxury transportation services. With private chauffeured transportation, travelers don't need to worry about being scammed or finding their way around on their own.

Rethinking what to bring along when flying, staying at resorts