Record-setting hotel breaking ground in New York City

New York City is known for making everything as big as possible, and with one of its latest hotel developments, it's living up to its reputation.

In October 2012, the Big Apple's guests will be able to stay in the tallest Holiday Inn in the world just three blocks away from the World Trade Center. Located on 99 Washington Street in Lower Manhattan, it might not be the best place to take a taxi to, but with the help of chauffeured transportation, visitors can arrive in style. The hotel will have 50 stories that reach roughly 448-feet high and feature 400 rooms upon its completion.

"It's in a great location at the intersection of Rector Street and Washington Avenue and in close proximity to all of the World Trade Center redevelopments," Joel Eisemann, InterContinental chief development officer for the Americas, told USA Today in an email. "This area of New York City is coming back in a big way, and we're dedicated to our expansion in New York, one of the world's most important hotel markets."

Eisemann has been working with Mcsam Downtown LLC to get the project off the ground. Mcsam is a hotel development company owned by Sam Chang, who The New York Times named "the hotel king of New York."

Chang has made a name for himself by piloting a series of limited-service hotel chain developments in the city for companies like Comfort Inn and Hilton Gardens. The record-setting Holiday Inn won't be his first innovative hotel feat, however. Chang also had his hand in developing the city's narrowest hotel and the first building that hosts three different hotels, according to the news source.

Visitors in the city should be sure to check out the new Holiday Inn Manhattan-Financial District when it's open for business next fall. While planning their trip to New York City, travelers can turn to Hermes Worldwide for thorough concierge services and luxury transportation.

Record-setting hotel breaking ground in New York City