Modern culture flourishes in the city where east meets west

Historic Istanbul, Turkey, is known for its fascinating position, both geographically and historically. Once the seat of the Ottoman Empire, this ancient city has been a location of cultural cross-pollination since the establishment of the Silk Road. But despite its deep history, cultural omnivores will find a city alive with youthful energy.

The Pera Museum is the sight of many much-lauded art shows, and is home to an extensive collection of its own as well. An exhibition of Spanish artist Goya's paintings and etchings just closed. The show caught the attention of art critics from all over the world for the way that it featured some of Goya's darker sensibilities, expressed in his etchings. The museum's next exhibition is expected to be as well-curated as the last, and will feature some of the rising stars of the art world.

Running from August 5th to 11th is the International Performance Association's (IPA) annual festival. The IPA is a Berlin-based performance group, and this year is the first that they are having their festival abroad. The event will feature more than 20 performance art pieces.

The global culture of Turkey is perhaps best expressed in the country's cuisine. Elements from Middle Eastern and Asian dishes blend together for flavorful and delicious meals that incorporate elements from territories once controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Those interested in trying the tastes of Istanbul can go on a food tour of the city with Istanbul Eats. The company offers several walks that take travelers to new restaurants, and allow them to explore the city. As muslims in Istanbul are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, the tours change slightly, encouraging visitors to experience a traditional breaking of the fast.

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Modern culture flourishes in the city where east meets west