In Seville, Easter is about much more than bunnies and eggs

When you're planning a trip to Spain, don't just look at your calendar, take a look at the church calendar too. Like many Old World countries, most great festivals revolve around the Catholic church calendar, particularly the Easter holiday. The beautiful southern city of Seville is a great place to go for the Spanish Easter celebrations.

Holy week, or Semana Santa as it is called in Spain, lasts the entire week leading up to Easter. In Seville, there are many processions in the street throughout the festival. Participants in these processions wear pointed hoods and carry wooden floats designed around Bible passages.

If you would rather observe the Semana Santa festivities than take part in them, the rooftop bar at the Hotel Dona Maria is a great vantage point. Right across the street from the city's main Cathedral, you can watch everything from up high.

It's worth it to stay in Seville for a couple of weeks after Easter and watch how the city winds down. Because the Easter holiday is a week-long celebration preceded by 40 days of lent, the people of Seville like to let loose when the whole ordeal is over. They get the chance with the Feria de Abril, sometimes called the Fiera de Sevilla.

This fair lasts a week and includes music, dancing and wine tasting. Everyone comes together to welcome spring and relax after a long period of religious observance. Citizens of Seville would agree that the real culture of the city comes alive during this festival.

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In Seville, Easter is about much more than bunnies and eggs