How to pack like a pro

Bringing too much on your vacation can really keep you from having a good time. It makes it harder for you to find what you do need, and gives you a lot more to keep track of in the airport. Here is some advice from packing experts to make sure that you have everything you need on your next trip without carting around unnecessary items.

Don't bring all your valuables. It's best to leave certain luxury items such as fine jewelry at home. Theft is common abroad, particularly for tourists, and bags sometimes get lost. Keep especially valuable or sentimental pieces at home for safekeeping.

Layer. Traveling into another climate means that you probably won't be used to the local temperature. Bring plenty of sweaters and a lightweight jacket to stay comfortable no matter what the weather has in store.

Pare down electronics. It can be tempting to bring gimmicky travel devices like electronic language translators or portable DVD players along with you, but think about what you're already bringing. Chances are that you can already use your smartphone, laptop or tablet for this.

Roll, rather than fold. Have you ever wondered how flight attendants and pilots can spend so much time traveling the globe with those tiny bags? These professional travelers maximize the space they do have by rolling clothes instead of folding them. This also helps to keep certain items of clothing wrinkle-free on the trip.

Once you have arrived at your destination, hiring luxury transport can keep you calm and comfortable on your way around a new city. And if you do forget an essential item from home, the concierge services from Hermes Worldwide can help you to find it.

How to pack like a pro