Hotel Bel-Air offers guests unique way to order room service

The Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles has a reputation for being one of the finest lodgings in the United States. With its iconic swans and food by Wolfgang Puck, the hotel features amenities that are more than unique, they epitomize the high-class image that the Bel-Air has established over the last 70 years.

As if ordering room service weren't easy enough, Bel-Air guests don't even need to pick up a phone to request it. Recently, the hotel added an Apple iPad to each of its rooms for the sole purpose of ordering room service. So far, it's been a success, as 75 percent of those who request room service have done so with the iPad provided by the Bel-Air, according to USA Today Travel.

While it may seem like an unnecessarily expensive investment to add such technology to a hotel room, it's actually rather reasonable considering the cost to stay there for a night. Since the release of the new iPad, the price of the least expensive iPad 2 has dropped to $399, while the starting price for just a single night's stay at the Bel-Air is $595 after taxes. It's no wonder, then, that the lavish hotel has attracted guests such as Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Reagan and Russell Crowe, the source reports.

Just as the Bel-Air showers its guests with lavish amenities, Hermes Worldwide Transportation provides unrivaled concierge services and chauffeured transportation to its clients.

While the hotel's guests will be treated with superb accommodations upon arrival, their services are limited to their own walls. By taking advantage of Hermes' luxury transportation, guests of the Bel-Air can fully experience high-end special treatment whether it be for door-to-door service or airport service.

Hotel Bel-Air offers guests unique way to order room service