Getting the most out of a Hawaiian vacation

When one thinks of an exotic vacation, Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the first places that comes to mind. With the right itinerary, a trip to the islands of America's 50th state can be the vacation of a lifetime. On the other hand, it's very easy for ill-informed travelers to get sucked into tourist traps and end up spending way more than necessary on a mediocre trip.

CNN Travel says that one of the worst times to go to Hawaii is during a school holiday. Aside from outrageously heightened airfare and accommodation rates, the beaches and attractions get so crowded that it's hard to find a place to get the peace and relaxation travelers envisioned when they booked their trip.

Oddly enough, the off-season in Hawaii is in May and October when the weather is at its most temperate. The source says it's not too rainy and it's not too hot during these two months, and the best part is that the price to fly there from the West Coast during those times is half of what it is in July.

For travelers who have never been to Hawaii, it may be tempting to try to see as many different islands as possible while on a short vacation. There just simply isn't enough time to appreciate what each island has to offer if travelers are rushing from one to another each day. That's why the media outlet says that it's best to pick one or two to stick to during a single trip.

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Getting the most out of a Hawaiian vacation