Florence, Italy, combines the best of everything the country has to offer

If there is one city in Europe that is known for it's rich cultural history, fabulous museums and delicious food, it's Florence. This Italian paradise is the capital of the Tuscan region and during the medieval times was the center of European trade and finance.

But, if you think that a past stemming from the medieval times has created dilapidated structures, dated galleries or stuffy restaurants, think again. Florence is a booming, vibrant city that has given itself a facelift, which has catapulted itself as one of the liveliest cities in the entire country.

Here are our top recommendations for seeing, dining and staying that should never be missed if you and your family are taking a trip there:

1) The Duomo of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore – Few things are more spectacular than the gorgeous views of Florence that you'll see if you're willing to climb the 463 steps of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, which was constructed in the 1200s. If you'd rather conserve your energy for something else, think about strolling through the ground level of this massive church. Here, you can enjoy the frescoes of the Last Judgement created by Italian painter Giorgio Vasari and the beautiful and ornate mosaic pavements that decorate the floor of the cathedral.

2) Osteria Tornabuoni – Everyone knows that sightseeing can be exhausting, and what better place to dine on local fare than a restaurant that serves up classic dishes like bread maccheroni with lamb ragù and risotto with purple artichokes? Wine lovers will revel in the wide selection of Tuscan vino and the knowledgeable sommelier who can answer any questions you may have.

3) Four Seasons – There aren't many other accommodations in the world that treat guests better than the Four Seasons. For spacious rooms, a full-scale spa and five-star restaurant, this hotel is not just one, but 10 steps above the rest. If you're in the mood to get pampered, you can treat yourself to a facial, massage or pedicure. If you'd rather be outside, then kick back and relax by the outdoor pool and nibble on fresh fruit skewers and order up exotic drinks.

To make this vacation one that you will never forget, consider booking a luxury sedan with Hermes Worldwide. You and your family will arrive relaxed and refreshed at your hotel or at various other sites around the city without having to navigate complicated directions or Florence's public transportation system.

Florence, Italy, combines the best of everything the country has to offer