Exceptional airport amenities that make travelers look forward to layovers

Airports haven't traditionally been regarded as the most stimulating places to spend excessive amounts of time. But today, there are actually a great deal of terminals that have unique amenities worth visiting whether one intends to fly somewhere or not.

In the Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, guests can visit an annex of the Rijksmuseum, which features exhibits about the history of Dutch culture and art. This museum is the world's first to ever be added to an airport, according to CNN Travel.

If a traveler is stuck in a city for an overnight layover, they may be interested in venturing into town to catch a show, but in Austin, Texas, they can stay right in their terminal for some great live entertainment. The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has four stages where bands and performers delight ticket holders with more than a dozen shows each week, the media outlet says.

However, no airport in the world can compete with Hong Kong International Airport, which is particularly welcoming to golf fans. Right next to one of its terminals is the SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course, which the news source explains has a clubhouse, pro shop and putting green just like one would find on the links at any other course. Guests can even rent clubs and play at night, thanks to lighting fixtures posted over the holes.

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Exceptional airport amenities that make travelers look forward to layovers