Cities across the world get ready for the August shuffle

The beginning of August is just around the corner, and for many avid travelers, that means it's time to squeeze in a last-minute vacation to a destination that may not be enticing come fall. The tradition of the summer holiday is best preserved by the French, many of whom still take a full eight weeks vacation during this time of year. And though not everyone can take such an extended getaway from work, those who live in cities all over the world often choose to escape the extra crowding that August brings.

For example, since Paris is typically a prime destination for world travelers at this time, many Parisians leave the city to the tourists and head to the country. As residents of the world's most popular tourist destination, Parisians are known for the amount of effort they put in to avoid crowds. Many decide to escape to the posh-but-remote northwestern province of Vannes.

Analysts from Airlines for America, a trade organization of U.S.-based airlines, predicted a bump in international travel this summer, due in part to the Olympics. Millions are flocking to London for the Olympic Games, eager to watch athletes from every country compete at the highest level.

But since London is becoming such a desired destination for so many tourists, many of its residents are deciding to go on vacation, rather than deal with increased crowding and security. Londoners are choosing the quiet luxury of resorts in Somerset over the extra crowds that the Olympics will bring to this city.

Many others will choose this month to see visit the Big Apple. New York City is home to the two most-visited tourist attractions in the world: Times Square and Central Park. Tourists will brave crowded subways and sweltering heat to see what the so-called greatest city in the world has to offer.

New Yorkers aren't traditionally given as much vacation time as Europeans, which is why they tend to be so fond of the weekend trip. Many choose to take luxury transportation to the beaches of the Hamptons.

Whether you're planning to explore one of these popular cities or hoping to escape the crowding that August brings, Hermes Worldwide can provide chauffeured transportation to your desired destination. 

Cities across the world get ready for the August shuffle