American Airlines enhances the in-flight experience with lie-flat seating

Finally, domestic air travel gets a well-deserved upgrade. No longer will you have to sacrifice your comfort and personal space on a long flight from coast to coast. American Airlines announced yesterday that it will add lie-flat seats to the first class section on transcontinental flights. The announcement comes along with an order of 460 new Airbus and Boeing planes.

While many airlines offer lie-flat seating on international flights, American is the first to offer the lie-flat model on flights across the country. This means that the next time you catch the red eye back to New York from San Francisco or Los Angeles, you won't have to lose any sleep.

Business class travelers will also get more space, as the new planes will feature 20 business class seats with two on each side of the aisle. Those seated in these premium sections can also enjoy high-quality entertainment content on 15.4-inch HD monitors, with the added convenience of Bose QuietComfort noise canceling headsets.

The airline is also redesigning the cabins of existing planes, with several models upgrading to leather seats, in-flight entertainment screens and Wi-Fi throughout. The goal is that passengers on American Airlines will be more comfortable on transcontinental flights, and also that the airline can keep up with more recent design trends.

The planes are also supposed to be more energy efficient and less expensive to maintain than previous models. Delivery of the aircraft is expected to begin in November 2013, continuing through 2014.

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American Airlines enhances the in-flight experience with lie-flat seating