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Brews, baseball and bass: The perfect gifts for dad this Father’s Day

Finding the right gift for dad on Father's Day isn't always easy. A recent survey conducted by revealed that most of the fathers who participated in the study would prefer quality time with family or a homemade gift over a tangible gift that costs money. That being said, it's no question that most dads would rather go on an excursion with their children or spouses. While Father's Day is right around the corner, there's still time to plan a getaway for you and your dad.

If time is a concern and getting days off from work may be difficult, one great option is to bring dad to a baseball game in a luxury limousine. It's the perfect way to mix a bit of the relationship you have now with the one you had growing up. With chauffeured transportation, you obviously don't need to worry about driving, which means the two of you can enjoy some drinks together as well.

If baseball isn't dad's thing, there are plenty of breweries all over the world in close proximity to major cities. For a very small fee, most breweries are more than happy to give guests a tour of the facility and usually let them do some sampling of the product. Book a hotel room for a night and arrange a luxury SUV or limo to escort you both to the breweries so you can test their beers without worrying about getting home safely.

Another fine option is a weekend fishing trip. The great part about this idea is that the planning process only involves a reservation at a campground. Of, if you want to rough it out in the woods by a lake, you don't need to reserve any lodging at all. And chances are, your father will be so thrilled to get outside and go fishing, he'll naturally take it upon himself to figure out a lot of the details, like getting all of the right equipment.