Unique summer date ideas for city dwellers

Summertime is perfect for dating. With more temperate weather, there are so many different things to go out and do, but even for those living in the middle of cities, finding these activities isn't always easy.

While, of course, the two of you could always take a luxury limousine to a fine restaurant with a roof deck, why not try something different? For couples who have been together for years, maybe even decades, try rejuvenating the youthfulness of your relationship by having the driver take you to a park instead.

Of course, be sure to pack a meal, some snacks and a bottle or two of white wine – just don't forget to keep them on ice. Bring a board game that you particularly enjoy playing with each other so that you have something to do aside from eating.

Another great date is to explore a local city from a different point of view – as a tourist. If you were only there for one day, what would you do? In Boston, there's the famous Duck Tours and in New York City, a double-decker tour of the city is another option.

For a more classy excursion, arrange for chauffeured transportation to take you on a personalized trip to all of the hot spots in town, such as memorials, statues and other landmarks.

Near cities like Boston, St. Louis and San Francisco, there are a handful of places to rent a kayak, sailboat or paddle boat. This is a perfect way to see a city from a different angle, and of course, nothing's more romantic than relaxing on the water with a loved one. 

Unique summer date ideas for city dwellers