Luxury W Hotels set up shop in the Athens of South America

Bogota, Colombia, has earned a rough reputation in recent years, since conflict between the government and non-government insurgents escalated in the 1990s. Those visiting Colombia were urged by U.S. government officials to go with caution and to stay safe while they were there. Recently though, Bogota, and Colombia itself have been undergoing some change, and the country is becoming safe for tourism again after many years of turmoil.

Violence and insurgency in Colombia have been steadily declining since 2002, which allows the government to pay more attention to tourism and local infrastructure. MarketWatch reported on July 25 that the Colombian government has started an $8 billion highway project to improve transportation infrastructure around Bogota.

W Hotels is building its first location in the Colombian capital city, a sign that the increased safety and uptick in tourism in Bogota may be here to stay. The city is now one of the fastest growing economic hubs in Latin America, and the W Hotel chain would like to take advantage of this growth. The hotel is set to open in 2014, and is being built in the upscale Usaquen district. It will be surrounded by shopping outlets, restaurants and cafes when it launches.

Bogota has been attracting more luxury travelers recently, due in part to its burgeoning restaurant scene. The city plays host to a mix of traditional Colombian restaurants as well as an impressive array of cuisine from around the world. Particularly noteworthy are the Asian-fusion Wok, and hole-in-the-wall French creperie Crepes and Waffles, both topping many recommendation lists. Those looking to try traditional Colombian fare might be interested in Abasto.

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Luxury W Hotels set up shop in the Athens of South America