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Staying at luxurious beach resorts for reasonable rates

Anyone who wants to go away on a luxurious vacation knows that it won't be cheap. That's not always the case though, as there are a number of resorts all over the world that are priced rather reasonably, especially considering the fantastic amenities each has to offer.

Just north of Miami, Florida, is beautiful Fort Lauderdale. Known for its fine beaches, Fort Lauderdale draws in a great deal of tourists from all age demographics, but sometimes the oceanfront can get a little rowdy. To dodge the loud crowds on the shore for a reasonable rate, there's the B Ocean resort. Furnished with white-on-white leather, this chic getaway spot looks like something that the late Steve Jobs designed, and even offers free iPad rentals for guests. B Ocean has rates starting at $189 per night, and with affordable spa services, free WiFi and a view of the ocean, you can't beat that.  

Go a bit further south and you'll find Le Reve in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This is a smaller venue, but that's the beauty of it. At nightly rates from $210, guests are treated with a great deal of privacy, whether it be in a hammock by the garden or in a bungalow with a secluded plunge pool. Guests who want to do a bit of exploring can even use Le Reve's snorkeling gear, which is available for free to anyone staying at the resort.

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