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Patience is key when going away with one’s mother

Traveling with family isn't always like the vacation stock photos that are used in picture frames at stores. After years of getting on each others nerves, sometimes family members can get anxious when confined to a cruise ship or resort. While this minor drama is all a part of life and can be easily warded off, it's important that travelers go into such trips knowing that it may not be entirely docile as brochures may suggest.

In particular, vacationers who chose to go away with their mothers may not realize that, despite reaching adulthood and perhaps even having a family of their own, their mom is still going to behave like she always has. In a humorous piece for The New York Times travel section, Emma Specter explored the idiosyncrasies that are likely to be realized when going away with one's mom.

Specter writes that from insisting the constant application of sunscreen to out-of-sync sleeping schedules, anyone who vacations with their mom must remain calm and cooperate. Of course, she's just looking out what's best for her children in her eyes, so rather than start a debate, it's best to let her quirks go and enjoy the trip.

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