Travel-related trusts are allowing families to travel around the world

Imagine this: allowing your children and grandchildren to go on an exotic location, such as Prague or Casablanca, without having them spend their hard earned money to pay for it. For many people who want to leave something for their loved ones once they've passed away, paying for their family members to travel is becoming a lot more common than ever before.

A recent article from The Associated Press reported that many family members are setting up travel-related trusts, which have allowed relatives to visit countries they may otherwise not have the opportunity to go to.

But this globetrotting does serve a purpose greater than just getting away. The article stated that the creators of the trust often want their beneficiaries to reconnect with extended relatives in foreign lands, perform missionary work or even take advantage of learning a new language abroad.

"You could give them money and they could go and buy a new car with it, or you could give them this and they can use it to create memories," Jim Bendt, president of Travel Beyond of Minneapolis, told the news source.

Some people who have set up travel-related trusts specify a certain country or city that they want their loved ones to spend time in. For example, the Liebman family was able to travel to Israel to visit their kin thanks to the generous gift of their in-laws.

And the benefits of journeying around the world has extended far beyond the many pictures they've gotten to add to their scrapbook. They've been able to reconnect with loved ones they might have not had the chance to otherwise.

"It was really money well spent," Lee Lieb

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Getting the most out of a Hawaiian vacation

When one thinks of an exotic vacation, Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the first places that comes to mind. With the right itinerary, a trip to the islands of America's 50th state can be the vacation of a lifetime. On the other hand, it's very easy for ill-informed travelers to get sucked into tourist traps and end up spending way more than necessary on a mediocre trip.

CNN Travel says that one of the worst times to go to Hawaii is during a school holiday. Aside from outrageously heightened airfare and accommodation rates, the beaches and attractions get so crowded that it's hard to find a place to get the peace and relaxation travelers envisioned when they booked their trip.

Oddly enough, the off-season in Hawaii is in May and October when the weather is at its most temperate. The source says it's not too rainy and it's not too hot during these two months, and the best part is that the price to fly there from the West Coast during those times is half of what it is in July.

For travelers who have never been to Hawaii, it may be tempting to try to see as many different islands as possible while on a short vacation. There just simply isn't enough time to appreciate what each island has to offer if travelers are rushing from one to another each day. That's why the media outlet says that it's best to pick one or two to stick to during a single trip.

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Orsos Island crafts ultimate luxury houseboat

When traveling to exotic destinations, many travelers look to enjoy the finer things in life, like the backseat of a luxury SUV or stretch limousine. But, while these vehicles provide travelers with an excellent way to see the countrysides of foreign locales, they aren't able to give travelers a luxury view of the ocean.

That's where Orsos Island, a company that specializes in producing multimillion-dollar floating homes, comes in. By combining the best of mainland real estate with luxury yachts, the company hopes to appeal to travelers who are looking for a truly unique travel experience.

On July 2, CNN profiled Orsos Island, which for $6.5 million can provide all the comforts of the finest home on the high seas. Offering more than 1,000 square meters of luxurious living, complete with jacuzzis, barbeques, minibars, sun lounges, a 12-member crew and green credentials, like solar panels, that help power the ship, the Orsos Island is looking to alter the luxury yacht industry.

"Since we launched there has been an unbelievable amount of interest in the island," Elizabeth Recsy, Orsos Island's head of communications, told the source in an interview. "Everyday I get inquiries from people all over the world including the [United States], Europe, [the] Middle East and China."

By placing more emphasis on comfort and less on the boat's mechanical ability, the home may not replace the gigayachts as the ultimate in luxury ocean transportation. The source notes the Orsos Island is only powered by two small engines, so traveling long distances with the boat may be cumbersome. 

In addition, those who want to take this type of luxury vacation will have to wait. According to Recsy, the design phase of the Orsos Island was finished only a month ago, and while several pre-orders have been placed, the company won't actually start building the islands until sometime in 2013.

Still, given the benefits it offers – and that production times may shorten with the company's expansion – the news source predicts Orsos Islands could soon be a fixture of luxury travel.

Unique summer date ideas for city dwellers

Summertime is perfect for dating. With more temperate weather, there are so many different things to go out and do, but even for those living in the middle of cities, finding these activities isn't always easy.

While, of course, the two of you could always take a luxury limousine to a fine restaurant with a roof deck, why not try something different? For couples who have been together for years, maybe even decades, try rejuvenating the youthfulness of your relationship by having the driver take you to a park instead.

Of course, be sure to pack a meal, some snacks and a bottle or two of white wine – just don't forget to keep them on ice. Bring a board game that you particularly enjoy playing with each other so that you have something to do aside from eating.

Another great date is to explore a local city from a different point of view – as a tourist. If you were only there for one day, what would you do? In Boston, there's the famous Duck Tours and in New York City, a double-decker tour of the city is another option.

For a more classy excursion, arrange for chauffeured transportation to take you on a personalized trip to all of the hot spots in town, such as memorials, statues and other landmarks.

Near cities like Boston, St. Louis and San Francisco, there are a handful of places to rent a kayak, sailboat or paddle boat. This is a perfect way to see a city from a different angle, and of course, nothing's more romantic than relaxing on the water with a loved one. 

Large increase in July 4th travelers expected this year

Just as with Memorial Day, this year's Independence Day will draw a larger number of travelers to the roads than we've seen in some time.

According to AAA, 42.3 million Americans are expected to travel more than 50 miles away from their homes during this year's July 4th holiday weekend, which the source defines as July 3 through July 8. The data shows a 4.9 percent increase from last year's figures, and if the prediction is accurate, it would tie with the highest number of travelers in the last decade, which was set in 2007. Perhaps the most staggering statistic is that the estimate represents a nearly 42 percent increase since 2009.

Bill Sutherland, vice president of AAA Travel Services, said in a statement that the spike in expected July 4th travelers this year is the result of a combination of things: the fact that the holiday falls in the middle of the week, decreases in gas prices across the country and the general "appetite" that Americans have for traveling.

"This is the second holiday this year where travelers indicated a determination to travel while economizing by actively seeking value-added travel options and activities," Sutherland said. "A healthy travel industry is critical to the overall well-being of our economy and consistent increases in travel are encouraging."

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Brews, baseball and bass: The perfect gifts for dad this Father’s Day

Finding the right gift for dad on Father's Day isn't always easy. A recent survey conducted by revealed that most of the fathers who participated in the study would prefer quality time with family or a homemade gift over a tangible gift that costs money. That being said, it's no question that most dads would rather go on an excursion with their children or spouses. While Father's Day is right around the corner, there's still time to plan a getaway for you and your dad.

If time is a concern and getting days off from work may be difficult, one great option is to bring dad to a baseball game in a luxury limousine. It's the perfect way to mix a bit of the relationship you have now with the one you had growing up. With chauffeured transportation, you obviously don't need to worry about driving, which means the two of you can enjoy some drinks together as well.

If baseball isn't dad's thing, there are plenty of breweries all over the world in close proximity to major cities. For a very small fee, most breweries are more than happy to give guests a tour of the facility and usually let them do some sampling of the product. Book a hotel room for a night and arrange a luxury SUV or limo to escort you both to the breweries so you can test their beers without worrying about getting home safely.

Another fine option is a weekend fishing trip. The great part about this idea is that the planning process only involves a reservation at a campground. Of, if you want to rough it out in the woods by a lake, you don't need to reserve any lodging at all. And chances are, your father will be so thrilled to get outside and go fishing, he'll naturally take it upon himself to figure out a lot of the details, like getting all of the right equipment.

America’s best national parks recognized in new National Geographic book

National parks are revered deeply by many Americans today. To commemorate the great parks in the country as well as educate people on the stories behind each one, National Geographic has released a new book called, "The 10 Best of Everything: National Parks."

The Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks in California, known for the enormous redwood trees that are so wide roads have been paved right through their bases, sits atop the book's list, earning recognition for being America's best park. An unsurprising inclusion at number 10 is Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

But even those who aren't particularly crazy about being outdoors can find destinations on the book's list, such as Statue of Liberty National Monument in New York City – number five – and New Orleans Jazz Historical Park – number seven.

Anyone who would rather hop into a luxury SUV and see the sites from the road can check out the sixth location on the list, the Blue Ridge Parkway that runs through North Carolina and Virginia. And, for explorers who want to go for a hike, there's the fourth top national park, the Santa Fe National Historic Trail, which goes through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Alaska's Alagnak Wild River was granted the number three spot, while Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania was NatGeo's runner up.

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Airlines requiring additional fees for window, aisle seats

Air travel can be hectic and expensive as it is, but with airline carriers becoming more innovative in the ways they can draw extra money out of their customers, it doesn't seem like flying is going to get any more affordable anytime in the near future.

According to The Associated Press, a number of airlines have been charging extra for passengers who would like to sit next to a window or the aisle. As a result, families have been forced to pay additional fees if they want to sit together on a flight.

Luckily, not all airlines have adapted this ancillary fee quite yet. Marianne Lindsey from Alaska Airlines explained to that they don't charge families extra to sit with each other.

"In some instances, however, with full flights, families may not be seated together," Lindsey told the source. "In this instance, we do all that we can to accommodate families requesting seating together, including asking if there are other travelers that would be willing to change their seats for the family. If all four cannot be seated together we try to at least get one parent with each child."

While airlines may be unreliable and charge customers excessively for simple accommodations, travelers can be confident that their ground transportation exceeds their expectations and is not just dependable, it's actually a source of relaxation.

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Report ranks the best summer travel destinations for 2012

In order to give trip planners a comprehensive look at the most popular vacation spots across the world, U.S. News & World Report offers annual lists of more than 200 destinations with its Best Vacations rankings.

One of the first portions of the of 2012-2013 list was released on Monday, giving a look at the best locations for summer vacations this year.

Vice president of rankings and reviews for the media outlet, Chad Smolinski explained in a statement that the publication takes into consideration more than 300,000 votes from visitors to, as well as thousands of opinions from travel experts to compile the yearly rankings.

Atop this year's best summer vacation destination list was Nice, France, followed by the Greek island Mykonos, Maui, San Francisco and Paris. The British Virgin Islands was recognized for having the most relaxing beaches in the world, while the Outer Banks, North Carolina was crowned the best location for a family beach vacation in the United States.

Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park was certainly the biggest winner of the rankings though, finding itself atop three different lists for being this year's best cheap summer vacation spot, best family vacation destination in the United States and best overall family summer vacation destination. 

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Patience is key when going away with one’s mother

Traveling with family isn't always like the vacation stock photos that are used in picture frames at stores. After years of getting on each others nerves, sometimes family members can get anxious when confined to a cruise ship or resort. While this minor drama is all a part of life and can be easily warded off, it's important that travelers go into such trips knowing that it may not be entirely docile as brochures may suggest.

In particular, vacationers who chose to go away with their mothers may not realize that, despite reaching adulthood and perhaps even having a family of their own, their mom is still going to behave like she always has. In a humorous piece for The New York Times travel section, Emma Specter explored the idiosyncrasies that are likely to be realized when going away with one's mom.

Specter writes that from insisting the constant application of sunscreen to out-of-sync sleeping schedules, anyone who vacations with their mom must remain calm and cooperate. Of course, she's just looking out what's best for her children in her eyes, so rather than start a debate, it's best to let her quirks go and enjoy the trip.

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Travel issues shouldn’t keep families from theme parks

Finding something to do on vacation that appeals to everyone in a group can be very difficult. While some may want to shop, others may want to work on their tan, but almost irrefutably, most travelers would leap at an opportunity to visit a major theme park.

With stimulating attractions at nearly every vantage point, parks such as Six Flags, Universal Studios and, of course, Disneyland have something for everyone. However, they can be difficult to navigate through, especially with youngsters. While these venues offer a mostly positive experience for their guests, the shear volume of the crowds can be a deterrent for some trip planners.

Disney offers a Fast Pass for rides with lines that have 45 minute waits or longer. The catch is that visitors can only use one of these every two hours. A recent press release from Cosmos Holidays suggested that visitors only take advantage of these perks for the most popular rides like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Additionally, it would be wise to get to the park early in the day. The source stated that after noon, roughly half of the park's visitors for the day will arrive, which means that there should be significantly shorter lines in the morning.

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Physical travel agencies regaining their spot in the U.S. travel market

At first glance, one may think that the travel planning industry has permanently shifted online with only a handful of brick-and-mortar agencies still operating. But as the adage goes, too many ingredients spoil the broth, and according to an article published in Time Magazine's business section, that's exactly what's happened to the online travel industry.

In the mid-1990s, there were approximately 34,000 travel agencies in the United States, but that number has dropped to 15,000 today, the publication says. It's easy to deduce that since most Americans have been making their vacation arrangements online in the past decade, the number of physical agencies has declined significantly.

However, brick-and-mortar agencies have actually displayed growth for the last two years and currently represent a third of the American travel market.

This is, in part, due to an improving economy, increased consumer spending and an expanding demographic of travelers who are willing to pay high price for custom worldwide travel. Primarily, though, the source explained, that trip planners who go online to book vacations have been deterred due to the overwhelming number of websites to choose from.

"No one is predicting that travel agents will rise up to once again dominate the travel business," the magazine explained in a recent article. "But, the more complex the world becomes – a complexity often created by the internet – the more likely it is that an increasing number of consumers in all manner of sectors will seek more personal retail or commercial experiences."

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Finding great deals on summer flights isn’t always that tough

Summer vacations can be incredibly relaxing and fun, but they often come with a big price tag. To help trip planners find the best deals on summer flights, Josh Roberts of wrote a story that was published on USA Today Travel offering expert money-saving tips.

Roberts writes that it's best that flights are booked at least three months in advance of the desired trip date. He said if the trip is going to be for a holiday weekend – Memorial Day, Labor Day or the Fourth of July – then prices will be more expensive for obvious reasons. By now, most of the deals for those dates are gone, with the exception of Labor Day.

He advised strongly against waiting until the last minute to book any flights, because most airline sales for the summer months must be purchased 21 days in advance. This means that any tickets bought within three weeks of the trip will be exorbitantly expensive.

If all else fails and the deals still seem to be unaffordable, Roberts said it's not always a bad idea to ask a travel agent for assistance. He explained that there are a lot of different details that get overlooked during trip planning, such extra "surprise" airline fees and connecting flights that are scheduled only a few minutes after the first one. All of these minor issues will be spotted by an experienced travel agent, which could not only make the trip less expensive, it can also make for a more pleasant vacation overall.

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Trip planners need to be thorough when booking vacations with children

When families travel together, there are a lot of obvious complications that can arise. One of the primary problems, of course, is that there are more bodies on a trip that need to be cared for and watched over. This can cause difficulties in everything from general group transportation to going out to eat.

It's important that trip planners are thorough when booking vacations and make sure that they have all the necessary documentation needed for children. This can be particularly problematic during worldwide travel, as vacationers must go through such a large number of clearances and approvals. In particular, one problem that travel experts often see is a lack of proper identification for young international vacationers.

"Family travel plans could be interrupted or even ruined if necessary documentation requirements for children catch adults by surprise," Bill Sutherland, vice president of AAA Travel Services, said in a statement. "It is critical that parents identify and obtain the required documents for their specific family or child's travel."   

According to a press release from AAA Travel, all U.S. citizens – whether they are newborns or elderly – require a valid passport to travel into foreign countries. For travel to Canada and Mexico from the United States, a passport card is considered adequate.

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Baby boomers can find unique vacation in Denver

A common stereotype of baby boomers is that they regularly vacation in locations like Florida and Arizona. While a vacation full of relaxation by the pool, fishing and shopping may appeal to a large number of boomers, many may be more interested in a more adventurous trip that's suited for their age.

As many boomers are approaching their retirement, rides in luxury limousines and vacations packed with unique activities may seem appealing. Though it may not be the first destination that comes to mind when one thinks of a trip of that nature, Denver has quite a bit to offer.

According to a press release from the Convention and Visitors Bureau of VISIT DENVER, the Mile High City has 300 days of sunshine every year and is great for golfing. Since many boomers probably can't muscle long drives down the fairway anymore, they'll be pleased to learn that balls actually travel 10 percent farther in Denver – which is 5,280 feet above sea level – than in lower locations. 

Beer fans who are visiting Denver will have a lot of opportunities to toast, as the city brews more than any city in the United States. According to a press release, more than 200 varieties of beer are brewed in Denver every day.

For boomers who are looking to entertain young children in Denver, Dinosaur Ridge, where the first dinosaur bones were ever found, is a must-see.

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