Would you go glamping?

There's a reason they call it the great outdoors. Even the most urban city-dwellers can benefit from spending some time with nature. And now you can get a great experience in the woods without even having to pitch a tent.

The newest trend in luxury travel is called glamping, short for glamorous camping. Glamping has become so popular that even the royally wedded Dutchess Kate Middleton recently gave it a try. Thanks to websites like goglamping.net, you can book your next glamping trip almost anywhere in the world.

Instead of regular campsites, which offer a place to pitch a tent and maybe some outhouses, glampsites come equipped with all the comforts of luxury hotels. They typically feature a comfortable bed, real furniture and a stove for cooking (though some sites have pre-prepared food). Glampers are then free to hike, fish and spend time with nature without roughing it.

Though it is a newly coined term, glamping is a rather old concept. African safaris have always offered their guests luxurious tents and a comfortable stay. Another benefit: this kind of upscale camping is still quite easy on the environment, so you can observe wildlife guilt-free.

And many luxury hotels are getting in on the action too. Those interested in observing an entirely different type of wildlife might like to try urban glamping. The Hyatt 48 Lex in Manhattan offers a Suite Glamping Package where guests can sleep in beds on hotel terraces. The package comes with snacks and wine services as well.

Whether you choose to go on a foreign or domestic glamping trip, Hermes Worldwide can pick you up and take you to your glampsite. Our concierge services can also help you to find everything you would like to bring on your glamping trip in the local area. 

Would you go glamping?