Virgin Atlantic sets the new standard for luxury air travel

Flying first class is a great way to take advantage of luxury transportation in the sky. While that's always been the standard for wealthy VIP passengers, the bar has been set even higher thanks to the new Virgin Atlantic "Miss Sunshine" A330 aircraft.

The plane, which made its first flight last weekend, features a new Upper Class Dream Suite. The ultimate first class experience is futuristically lit with purple LED backlights and loaded with technology. Each seat, which can convert into a lounging position for comfortable resting,  features a touchscreen television and a handheld entertainment system.

While flight passengers are always instructed to turn off their mobile devices or, at the very least, put them in airplane mode, that is not necessary when flying in the Dream Suite. The cabin features Virgin Atlantic's Aeromobile system that allows for passengers to make phone calls, send text messages and access the internet, according to Australian Business Traveler.

The only catch is that the devices must be activated for international roaming. Some additional charges may be bestowed upon users depending on the plan they have with their mobile service carrier, but that shouldn't be a concern for any parties with enough financial security to afford a ticket on these flights.

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Virgin Atlantic sets the new standard for luxury air travel