Travel-related trusts are allowing families to travel around the world

Imagine this: allowing your children and grandchildren to go on an exotic location, such as Prague or Casablanca, without having them spend their hard earned money to pay for it. For many people who want to leave something for their loved ones once they've passed away, paying for their family members to travel is becoming a lot more common than ever before.

A recent article from The Associated Press reported that many family members are setting up travel-related trusts, which have allowed relatives to visit countries they may otherwise not have the opportunity to go to.

But this globetrotting does serve a purpose greater than just getting away. The article stated that the creators of the trust often want their beneficiaries to reconnect with extended relatives in foreign lands, perform missionary work or even take advantage of learning a new language abroad.

"You could give them money and they could go and buy a new car with it, or you could give them this and they can use it to create memories," Jim Bendt, president of Travel Beyond of Minneapolis, told the news source.

Some people who have set up travel-related trusts specify a certain country or city that they want their loved ones to spend time in. For example, the Liebman family was able to travel to Israel to visit their kin thanks to the generous gift of their in-laws.

And the benefits of journeying around the world has extended far beyond the many pictures they've gotten to add to their scrapbook. They've been able to reconnect with loved ones they might have not had the chance to otherwise.

"It was really money well spent," Lee Lieb

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Travel-related trusts are allowing families to travel around the world