Top two international airports to be stranded at

Most everyone who has traveled in an airplane before has one horror story. Whether your luggage was lost or you were stranded in the airport overnight, oftentimes, we're told that in today's world, we need to expect the unexpected the minute we go anywhere.

However, sometimes we're given a break and spending an extended period of time in airport isn't that bad, especially if there are plenty of amenities offered to frustrated professionals and vacation-goers. 

As the first and second place winners of the 2010 Skytrax Passenger Choice Awards, these two terminals are most likely to turn a frown into a smile:

1) Changi International Airport – Singapore – If you need to blow off some steam because you've missed your flight, you can take advantage of the on-site gym. If getting pampered is more your style, then you're in luck. Treat yourself to a beauty treatment at the airport's full spa or go meditate in the outdoor garden. There's something for everyone at this oasis, which really gives luxury travel a whole new meaning.

2) Incheon Airport – Seoul, South Korea – The airport's spa gives tired travelers the chance to decompress in soaking tubs or catch up on some Z's in the private sleeping rooms. In the Hub Lounge, globetrotters can use the free internet, delicious food and even liquor. If that doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary, how about trying your luck at the airport's casino or golf course?

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Top two international airports to be stranded at