Summer leisure travel expected to increase this year

It was not too long ago that sources were reporting how rising gas prices would deter consumers from making travel plans this summer. But, in recent months, the cost of fuel has leveled off and even dropped significantly in a number of places. Because of this, surveyors have a new question, "Will you be more inclined to travel now that fuel costs are waning?"

Of the more 1,200 American respondents to a recent survey by TripAdvisor, 86 percent indicated that the change in gas prices won't affect their summer travel plans, according to a press release. However, 10 percent did reply that they will be more inclined to use their own vehicles as a means of transporting to their summer vacation destinations because of decreased fuel costs.

There have been a number of reports recently that have predicted a promising forecast for the U.S. economy in 2012, and if the number of summer vacationers are any indication of that notion, the reports are spot on. The 2012 TripAdvisor's summer travel survey showed a 5 percent increase in the number of respondents who planned on going on a leisure vacation this summer compared to 2011.

"The majority of U.S. travelers are committed to their leisure summer travel plans, whether gas prices are up or down," Karen Drake, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor, said in a statement. "Even if it takes cutting back on mileage and staying closer to home, the vast majority of Americans will take summer trips."

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Summer leisure travel expected to increase this year