Stay comfortable on United’s 10 new flights worldwide

On July 10, United Airlines announced that it plans to add 10 new flight routes to its existing offerings. The new service includes non-stop international flights to top luxury travel destinations like Taipei, Paris and Mexico.

The flight services are expected to begin in early April of next year, with some flights being handled by large Boeing 777 aircraft. All trips will include first-class, business-class and coach seating.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your first-class experience is safe and smooth whether you're traveling to Paris or Mexico City on one of these new routes or traveling to one of the many other destinations served by United:

1. Make sure you get to the airport early. This isn’t new advice, but your plane won’t wait for you if you’re running late. United offers time-saving options such as airport kiosk check in to ease lines, which can be beneficial, even to those who plan on showing up three hours early. Bring a form of entertainment with you in case you’re waiting at the gate.

2. Stay comfortable. Airplane air can be cold and dry, whatever the airline, so bringing a blanket and a travel-sized (3.4 oz. or less) container of hand cream can make your flight much more comfortable.

3. Take a hard copy with you too. Planes offer lots of in-flight entertainment, and there are now many portable options too. But, don’t forget that all electronics must be turned off for takeoff and landing. Take along a book or magazine to read for the time when all electronics must be switched off and seatbelts must be fastened.

4.Take the worry out of transportation. Why should you harass a friend or family member into driving you to the airport when you can begin your vacation as soon as you get in the car? Hire yourself an airport limo and travel stress-free.

Hermes worldwide offers worldwide limousine service, and is available in most of United’s new service destinations.


Stay comfortable on United’s 10 new flights worldwide