Orsos Island crafts ultimate luxury houseboat

When traveling to exotic destinations, many travelers look to enjoy the finer things in life, like the backseat of a luxury SUV or stretch limousine. But, while these vehicles provide travelers with an excellent way to see the countrysides of foreign locales, they aren't able to give travelers a luxury view of the ocean.

That's where Orsos Island, a company that specializes in producing multimillion-dollar floating homes, comes in. By combining the best of mainland real estate with luxury yachts, the company hopes to appeal to travelers who are looking for a truly unique travel experience.

On July 2, CNN profiled Orsos Island, which for $6.5 million can provide all the comforts of the finest home on the high seas. Offering more than 1,000 square meters of luxurious living, complete with jacuzzis, barbeques, minibars, sun lounges, a 12-member crew and green credentials, like solar panels, that help power the ship, the Orsos Island is looking to alter the luxury yacht industry.

"Since we launched there has been an unbelievable amount of interest in the island," Elizabeth Recsy, Orsos Island's head of communications, told the source in an interview. "Everyday I get inquiries from people all over the world including the [United States], Europe, [the] Middle East and China."

By placing more emphasis on comfort and less on the boat's mechanical ability, the home may not replace the gigayachts as the ultimate in luxury ocean transportation. The source notes the Orsos Island is only powered by two small engines, so traveling long distances with the boat may be cumbersome. 

In addition, those who want to take this type of luxury vacation will have to wait. According to Recsy, the design phase of the Orsos Island was finished only a month ago, and while several pre-orders have been placed, the company won't actually start building the islands until sometime in 2013.

Still, given the benefits it offers – and that production times may shorten with the company's expansion – the news source predicts Orsos Islands could soon be a fixture of luxury travel.

Orsos Island crafts ultimate luxury houseboat