LaHood and Department of Transportation shut down 26 unsafe bus companies

When people are looking for an easy way to get from city to city, one of the most common modes of transportation they choose is by bus. It's simple, it can be affordable and it's convenient. But, in some cases, the price of affordability comes at the expense of safety.

There have been number of fatal crashes involving cheap "fly-by-night" bus operators. In March 2011, 15 people were killed in the Bronx on their way back from a trip to a casino in Connecticut, and a few days later another accident on the New Jersey Turnpike left two people dead. And, just over a year ago, a fatigued bus driver drifted off the road in Virginia. The resulting accident killed four people and injured 53 others.

Exactly one year to the day since the tragic incident in Virginia, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced that the Department of Transportation is finally taking an authoritative stand against these shoddy operations. LaHood said that 26 bus companies across the country would officially be shut down for violating a long list of safety regulations as part of the new crackdown.

"People get up every day and use a lot of different forms of transportation without thinking about the safety factor, and we don't want them to worry about the safety of the bus they ride on or the highway they drive on," LaHood told CNN.

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LaHood and Department of Transportation shut down 26 unsafe bus companies