Ikea entertains travelers in Paris

Any experienced traveler has a layover plan. For some it involves reading, working or catching up on television, still others choose to shop or visit the airport bar. But occasionally, the airport itself provides some in-terminal entertainment that's worth checking out. For the next few weeks, travelers passing through Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport can shop, relax a little or take a nap courtesy of Ikea.

The company's pop-up lounge opened Friday, and will run through August 5. The decorated space certainly brightens up an otherwise drab terminal 3, and should provide a refreshing break from the lounge for first-class travelers. You can expect to see bold patterns on all of the temporary walls, and Ikea's signature furniture design throughout the lounge.

So even if you-put-it-together furniture isn't exactly your style, the Charles De Gaulle Airport lounge is definitely a sight worth seeing. The area is staffed with hostesses, equipped with a children's play area and features nine bedrooms perfect for napping.

This is not the first place Ikea has popped up in Paris. In January, Ikea set up an apartment in the middle of the platform at Paris's Auber Metro Station. The store then used the apartment as the location for an Ikea-sponsored reality show, and held a sweepstakes in which those who liked the brand on Facebook would be entered to win a night in the metro apartment.

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Ikea entertains travelers in Paris