Hotel rates likely to increase this fall

Most people know that traveling during the summer can mean big headaches. Overpriced airfare, delayed flights, lost luggage and crowded airports have almost become the norm when going anywhere this season.

That is why millions of vacationers often postpone that trip to the Caribbean they've been dreaming about until the fall. Unfortunately, it looks like there's a downside to traveling during this season too.

According to TripAdvisor, hotel rates are expected to climb this autumn. The world's largest travel website conducted a survey of approximately 25,000 hoteliers in the United States and abroad, and the results were a bit discouraging, especially for those planning to get away in the upcoming months.

Around 47 percent of respondents said that they expect prices for accommodations to climb starting in September. Just over 15 percent said they believe costs will be cheaper in the fall than they were at the same time in 2011.

It doesn't look like rates are going to go down anytime soon. Participants in the survey who upped hotel prices for the busy months of June and August said that they are likely to do the same thing starting this September.

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Hotel rates likely to increase this fall