Finding great deals on summer flights isn’t always that tough

Summer vacations can be incredibly relaxing and fun, but they often come with a big price tag. To help trip planners find the best deals on summer flights, Josh Roberts of wrote a story that was published on USA Today Travel offering expert money-saving tips.

Roberts writes that it's best that flights are booked at least three months in advance of the desired trip date. He said if the trip is going to be for a holiday weekend – Memorial Day, Labor Day or the Fourth of July – then prices will be more expensive for obvious reasons. By now, most of the deals for those dates are gone, with the exception of Labor Day.

He advised strongly against waiting until the last minute to book any flights, because most airline sales for the summer months must be purchased 21 days in advance. This means that any tickets bought within three weeks of the trip will be exorbitantly expensive.

If all else fails and the deals still seem to be unaffordable, Roberts said it's not always a bad idea to ask a travel agent for assistance. He explained that there are a lot of different details that get overlooked during trip planning, such extra "surprise" airline fees and connecting flights that are scheduled only a few minutes after the first one. All of these minor issues will be spotted by an experienced travel agent, which could not only make the trip less expensive, it can also make for a more pleasant vacation overall.

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Finding great deals on summer flights isn’t always that tough