Fanboys assemble, Boston Comic Con set for lift off this weekend

There's no event more popular for fans of cartoons, comics and science fiction than Comic Con. There are a handful of major cities across the country that host Comic Cons, the most popular taking place in New York and San Diego. The Boston Comic Con (BCC) may not be as renowned, but its popularity is growing, and die hards from all over the country will definitely be pulling up to the event in style.

This year's BCC is set to take place on April 21 and 22 at the Hynes Convention Center on 900 Boylston Street. The BCC is the largest pop culture and comic book convention in the Northeast, according to the event website. While 2,800 guests attended the event in 2009, that number grew to 4,100 in 2010 and 6,000 last year, according to Publishers Weekly.

These functions give fans an opportunity to meet and greet with the artists of their favorite comics, in addition to film icons and industry figureheads. Attendees can browse more than 400 tables where they can check out classic and new comics, as well as rare DVDs, action figures, posters and decor.

This year's BCC will pay homage to MAD Magazine with special appearances by key contributors to the success of the humorous periodical.

Perhaps, the most characteristic feature of these conventions is the outrageous costumes worn by attendees. Fanboys and girls don intricate outfits of their favorite superheroes, comic book characters and film icons, and can win prizes in costume contests.

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Fanboys assemble, Boston Comic Con set for lift off this weekend