Dodging theft and staying safe when vacationing

More often than not, a vacation comes and goes without any incident, but it's important to leave naivety back at home when you go away. While there is no way of controlling who or what could make a trip go wrong, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of anything bad happening.

While taking taxis may seem like an adequate means of getting around, cab drivers in particularly touristy locations know how to work foreigners, and may not be as trustworthy as one would hope. The best way to avoid any issues with taxis, of course, is to reserve chauffeured transportation with a reliable car service.

When walking around town, travelers should never have their wallets in a back pocket. Waist or fanny packs are also not advised. Since they usually contain money, cameras, tickets and other valuables, they are a beacon of temptation for thieves. It's best to keep wallets in a front pocket or one inside of a jacket.

Avoid using your credit cards in small stores and on public computers. Store clerks are aware that tourists are not very likely to be keeping tabs on their credit card charges while they're on vacation, so thieves can go on a spending spree well before travelers notice the damage. Also, public computers could have software that stores the information typed on them.

Additionally, it's never a good idea to have all of your credit cards and cash on you at any one time. If someone takes your wallet, you'll be left with no monetary resources and it can be nearly impossible to replace them when you're away from home. 

Dodging theft and staying safe when vacationing