Couples who vacation early in their relationship can make it or break it on the trip

Going away with a loved one can be a great way to tighten the bond a couple shares. But, what if the trip takes place before the two have really bonded at all? A recent report from CNN discussed how the experience of vacationing early in a relationship can either make or break a couple.

When two people travel together, they can learn a lot about themselves and their relationship. For example, if they bicker constantly and can't even decide which seafood restaurant to eat at, it's likely that they can expect more of the same as they share more of their lives with each other. On the other hand, if the experience is very pleasant, unexpected trip interruptions are handled well and the two grow very close, it's safe to say that they have a promising foundation to build on and may have found their long-term mate.

Tom Wilmes, an editor at American Cowboy magazine, and Ashley Dye, an environmental attorney, had been friends for years before they started dating, according to the media outlet. After just a few months together, the two went on a trip to St. John in the Virgin Islands.

"More than a few people asked if we were on our honeymoon," Wilmes explained to the source. "It could have been awkwardly disastrous, but instead, we fell in love over mudslides in the moonlight every night on a deserted beach. I told her I loved her for the first time, and now we're married five years with a beautiful son and another on the way in two months."

He explained that he and Dye are very low key and are perfect for each other in that they can handle problematic situations without a sweat.

To both make a fine impression on a love interest and mitigate the chances of a problem arising at all, booking luxury transportation is a great idea. It not only shows that you are taking the relationship seriously, but it's also a romantic and classy alternative to hailing a cab or taking a bus.

Couples who vacation early in their relationship can make it or break it on the trip