British travelers expressing increased interest in U.S. destinations

Sports fans and athletes from all over the world will be flooding into the United Kingdom this summer for the 2012 Summer Olympic games, which are set to take place in late July and early August in London. But, it seems as though there will be a significant amount of air traffic headed out of England this summer as well.

A press release from revealed that there has been a large increase in the number of U.K. trip planners seeking vacations in the United States. In February, 12 percent of the searches on the British travel website were of American destinations. However, that figure jumped by 42 percent in April.

"Considering the strength of the pound and the poor weather across Europe and the [United Kingdom] this spring, it is no surprise that British people have started looking to New York, Florida and other U.S. destinations for affordable and sunny holidays," Mark Atwell, managing director of the travel website said in a statement.

As a matter of fact, the United Kingdom experienced its coldest April in 23 years in 2012. Not to mention, it was also the wettest April the nation has seen since that data started to be recorded. As Atwell pointed out, the U.S. dollar has lost a lot of ground on the pound, which reached a more than seven-month high against American currency last month.

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British travelers expressing increased interest in U.S. destinations