Airlines requiring additional fees for window, aisle seats

Air travel can be hectic and expensive as it is, but with airline carriers becoming more innovative in the ways they can draw extra money out of their customers, it doesn't seem like flying is going to get any more affordable anytime in the near future.

According to The Associated Press, a number of airlines have been charging extra for passengers who would like to sit next to a window or the aisle. As a result, families have been forced to pay additional fees if they want to sit together on a flight.

Luckily, not all airlines have adapted this ancillary fee quite yet. Marianne Lindsey from Alaska Airlines explained to that they don't charge families extra to sit with each other.

"In some instances, however, with full flights, families may not be seated together," Lindsey told the source. "In this instance, we do all that we can to accommodate families requesting seating together, including asking if there are other travelers that would be willing to change their seats for the family. If all four cannot be seated together we try to at least get one parent with each child."

While airlines may be unreliable and charge customers excessively for simple accommodations, travelers can be confident that their ground transportation exceeds their expectations and is not just dependable, it's actually a source of relaxation.

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Airlines requiring additional fees for window, aisle seats