Addition to London’s Heathrow airport could mean floating runway

London’s Heathrow airport is perhaps one of the most well known crossroads of the world. Whether you’re traveling to Dubai, Paris or Tokyo, there’s a high probability that, at one point or another, you boarded another airplane or had a layover here.

And because of Heathrow’s popularity, a recent report from various news sources revealed that possible plans for expansion are in the works. Rumors have surfaced that additional runways may be built – on water.

If it sounds too odd to be true, think again. The news sources reported that there is some logic to the blueprint. These four floating runways would be dubbed London Britannia Airport and would measure three miles in length. To keep them in place, they’d be anchored to the ocean floor. Marine tunnels would purportedly transport passengers in trains to rail stations and various other transportation hub spots in the surrounding area.

”The design’s inherent flexibility creates a platform whereby runways can be floated in as required and taken away for maintenance in the future. The concept allows for future expansion to accommodate six runways when required,” said a statement from Gensler, the architecture firm that is behind the idea.

This innovative idea could cost up to 60 billion Euros or approximately $97.2 billion.

Until plans are put into action, travelers will continue to fly into Heathrow. If you’re coming to England’s capital on vacation or for business, consider using a London airport transfer service like Hermes Worldwide. Imagine how relaxed and refreshed you’ll feeling arriving to your hotel or home in a luxury limousine driven by one of Hermes experienced chauffeurs.

Addition to London’s Heathrow airport could mean floating runway